Free Pratctice

Zolder - belgium

Pier Guidi/Bobbi second in pre-qualifying

The eighty-minute practice held before the qualifying session was held on a variable track surface.

Pre-qualifying began on a wet track, caused by the rain, and ended with the circuit drying out. This meant that the lap times gradually improved as the session went on. The quickest time of 1:28.072 was set by Maassen/Biagi in a Corvette Z06. Just ahead of them were Pier Guidi/Bobbi, in a Maserati MC12, who set a time of 1:28.350. Müller/Ramos (1:28.780) finished fourth, ahead of their team-mates Bertolini/Bartels (1:28.957).









1 19Maassen/BiagiCorvette Z061:28.272
2 33Pier Guidi/BobbiMaserati MC 121:28.330
3 8Bernoldi/StreitCorvette Z061:28.555
4 2Ramos/MullerMaserati MC 121:28.780
5 1Bartels/BertoliniMaserati MC 121:28.957
6 4Hezemans/KumpenCorvette Z061:29.967
7 3Longin/RuffierCorvette Z061:30.744
8 35Krumm/TurnerNissan GT-R1:30.977
9 40Leinders/KuppensFord GT (001 PT GT1)1:31.888

Tricky conditions in free practice

A wet surface, low grip, cold asphalt and low temperatures welcomed the drivers for the first hour and twenty minute unofficial test session.

The far from ideal conditions made it tough for the teams to find their race set up, one expected to be run in the dry, and so the three MC12 crews opted not to take any unnecessary risks.

The rain began to come down some twenty minutes into the session. It was light but still made the track difficult to negotiate. Even in these conditions, the Maseratis were competitive with Müller/Ramos clocking best time of 1:43.717 and Bertolini/Bartels second in 1:44.049; Bobbi/Pier Guidi posted the fifth fastest time (1:45.128).







Free practice

1 2Ramos/MullerMaserati MC 121:43.717
2 1Bartels/BertoliniMaserati MC 121:44.049
3 8Bernoldi/StreitCorvette Z061:44.458
4 4Hezemans/KumpenCorvette Z061:45.072
5 33Pier Guidi/BobbiMaserati MC 121:45.128
6 3Longin/RuffierCorvette Z061:45.243
7 19Maassen/BiagiCorvette Z061:45.554
8 40Leinders/KuppensFord GT (001 PT GT1)1:46.220
9 35Krumm/TurnerNissan GT-R1:47.443