Zolder - belgium

Bertolini/Bartels Champions, Pier Guidi/Bobbi Win in Zolder

Bertolini/Bartels champions!

It was not easy; nothing could be taken for granted. It was difficult and hard fought but, in the end, Michael Bartels and Andrea Bertolini deserved to win the title. It was a victory that came after eight intense rounds and after battles both on and off the track. The newly-crowned champions' consistent results proved to be decisive, as did the desire to not give up during the 24 Hours of Spa when the team worked to rebuild the car and claim points that, in the end, proved to be crucial.

It is tough to become champions three times over in a series where the standard of the cars and drivers is very high and doing it is not necessarily down to the driver's talent. Impeccable organisation and a quick, reliable and competitive car and crew that lived up to its billing is also fundamental.



24/10/2009 Zolder

01Anthony Kumpen 1:27.399
02Alex Müller 1:27.464
03Alex Pier Guidi1:27.589
04Enrique Bernoldi 1:28.026
05Xavier Maassen 1:28.148
06Andrea Bertolini 1:28.183
07Bert Longin 1:28.848
08Michael Krumm 1:30.754
09Bas Leinders 1:31.274


25/10/2009 Zolder

01Pier Guidi/Bobbi 2:01:07.362
02Hezemans/Kumpen 2:01:27.716
03Bertolini/Bartels 2:01:42.919
04Maassen/Biagi 2:02:17.165
05Bernoldi/Streit 2:01:11.860
06Longin/Ruffier 2:01:47.026
07Müller /Ramos 2:01:25.585
08Krumm/Turner 2:01:51.641
09Leinders/Kuppens 1:01:21.997



Post-race declarations
Andrea Bertolini: «It was an incredible result because no-one has done what Michael and I have and won three FIA GT titles.»