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Maserati MC12

Maserati up at the podium for Spa's 24 Hours

Maserati again on the podium at Spa

It is difficult to comment on this 24 Hours of Spa. The Maserati MC12s proved they had the potential to win and instead finished in second and fourth, some way down on the winners. Looking just at the result may lead to some disappointment, especially given the very good qualifying result where all three Maseratis beat everyone to top spots on the starting grid.

However, Spa should be viewed positively as Bertolini and Bartels (flanked by Sarrazin and Negraõ) lost only a few points to Hezemans and Kumpen, the eventual winners along with team mates Mollekens and Menten. In all probability, the champions will be crowned at the final round.

Given the prospects on lap 186 when the No.1 MC12 skidded on a patch of oil, the final points haul should be considered miraculous. Once again, the mechanics were the stars in repairing the car in a little over two hours.

The performance of the No.2 MC12 driven by Müller and Ramos (alongside Van de Poele and Lamy) was excellent. When he retired, Müller was holding a solid lead over the rest of the field.

The third MC12 flying the colours of Vitaphone Racing DHL was the one that avoided most trouble. Saying this, Pier Guidi did clash with a back marker at La Source, an incident that created the large time gap to the eventual winners as the car needed to be put back together. It was the only Maserati to finish on the podium but did so with its head held high.

All three vehicles were reliable, confirming once again how well built and designed the MC12 is. Only bad luck prevented the Maseratis from really going head-to-head until the chequered flag, something that the entire team was hoping for.



23/07/2009 Spa-Francorchamps

01Maserati MC12 n°22:18.030
02Maserati MC12 n°332:18.591
03Maserati MC12 n°12:19.222
04Corvette Z06 n°82:19.530
05Corvette Z06 n°32:19.670
06Ford GT n°402:21.881
07Corvette Z06 n°42:22.640
08Nissan GT-R n°352:24.109
09Saleen S7 n°112:41.902


26/07/2009 Spa-Francorchamps

01Corvette Z06 n°424:00.03.45
02Maserati MC12 n°33+11 LAPS
03Nissan GT-R n°35+46 LAPS
04Maserati MC12 n°1+70 LAPS
05Corvette Z06 n°3+74 LAPS
06Maserati MC12 n°2+140 LAPS
07Ford GT n°40+241 LAPS
08Saleen S7 n°11+431 LAPS
09Corvette Z06 n°8+504 LAPS



Comments after the race
Stephane Lemeret: «At the start we hadn’t foreseen that our car could reach the podium, yet we made it. The other Maseratis met with misfortune while we did relatively okay. I am obviously thrilled with the result».


Comments after qualifying
Alex Muller: «Yes it has started very well for us, even in the pre qualifying we were fastest and in qualifying we were fastest, we're on pole for the race and we are all very happy in the team.»


Maserati will be playing its winning hand for success at Spa's 24 Hours
The FIA GT Championship is getting ready to experience the most important race of the season this weekend: Spa's 24 Hours.



The situation after 21 hours
The Vitaphone Racing Team MC12 was still making the headlines as the race draws to a close.


The situation after 18 hours
As the race clock came up to 16 hours, the No.35 Nissan GT R driven by Turner developed engine trouble and had to come into the pits on lap 345.


The situation after 15 hours
The second half of the race started with the drivers filed behind the safety car.