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Silverstone - uk

Andrea Bertolini

Comments after the race at Silverstone

Andrea Bertolini: "It is a great start to the season for us as taking second place here is like a win".

Andrea Bertolini: "We had excellent stints, perfect pit stops and a solid strategy. Today though, winning was impossible. Wendlinger and Sharp drove brilliantly and there was little we could do. It will be a very tough season for us".

Michael Bartels:
"It was like a win today. In fact, we feel like the GT1 winners because, given their performance, I would say the Saleens belong in another category. They are at least 10-15 km/h quicker on the straights so I don't think things have ever been easier for Wendlinger and Sharp to overtake a Maserati in a straight line. I think that a lot of mistakes were made during the winter (a reference to the balance of performance test, Ed) and I hope that the people responsible act to correct these errors. So, I think taking second was like a win because this was the best placing we could hope for. We made up in the pit stops time lost on the track otherwise we would have been much further back at the finish; for instance, our final pit stop was perfect. I have driven with Andrea for ages and we gel. This allowed us to take the lead temporarily, an advantage lost because of a lapped car. Still, even if this hadn't been the case, there was nothing we could do about the Saleens, as I said earlier. I hope that this is not a taste of things to come".

Alex Müller: "It was a very good start for us as Wendlinger wasn't that quick. Both Andrea and I were able to attack him but the Saleen's speed meant that it could defend its position. I let Andrea past and tucked in behind. Everything went to plan in the first stint and we would have gone for it in the second half of the race, or, at least, after the second stint. Unluckily, a problem with the left rear tyre ruled this out. I hope things go more smoothly at Adria".




Comments after the qualifying at Silverstone

Andrea Bertolini: "We worked hard on the race set up in each session to find consistent performance but still managed to do really well in qualifying".

Miguel Ramos: "I would say that qualifying went well with Maserati taking a second and a third place. It is very close in the pack apart from the Saleen, a car that seems to have an edge given the slacker regulations on the restrictors. Still, I think we should do well".

Andrea Bertolini (2): "Wendlinger is some way clear while all the other cars are within a tenth of each other, a sign that the bigger restrictors make a difference. Saying this, I am optimistic about tomorrow's race".

Alex Müller:
"The weekend is going well and we have been able to make the top three since free practice. Andrea and me were able to get the most out of the car despite the new commercial tyres. We worked closely with the engineers and we shared a lot of information on how to get the most out of the tyres as they will be crucial during the race".