Post free practice declarations


Post free practice declarations

Michael Bartels: «As expected, in the second session a lot of the cars were in qualifying set up.»

Michael Bartels: «Our ballast meant we would never have been in with a shot at pole but we still have high hopes for the race as it lasts more than one lap. For us this is the toughest of all the 2009 circuits. The tyres will be crucial and these are what we worked on in the first two sessions. I was surprised by the Corvettes as they were pacy even with the ballast they have on board. This must mean that they have got their set up just right».

Andrea Bertolini:
«Considering the ballast we have, we were pretty quick. Even so, we couldn't stick with the Corvettes because their wider restrictors are more of an advantage here than on other tracks. On an 'engine' track like Paul Ricard, the gap between us and our rivals is significant. They have a 'tactical' edge as they can nullify our strength - the fact that we are quicker through the curves - by moving away from us when they accelerate and in the straights. Still, I think we can compete as our car is consistent and the tyres are good but we will need a spot on strategy».

Miguel Ramos:
«The car is not too bad but it has a little oversteer which we have to get rid of. We probably won't be too competitive in qualifying but the race will be different because the car is very consistent. It will be tough and it will be crucial not to make any mistakes. What surprises me is that the car seems to drive better with ballast than without. This is probably because it is more stable and nippier through curves but I still don't understand it.»