Paul Ricard - france

The Paul Ricard circuit

Paul Ricard is one of France's best known circuits having hosted Formula 1 races until 1990.

The current track, named Paul Ricard HTTT (High Tech Test Track) was completely overhauled and relaunched in 2001. New curves were introduced and some famous ones removed but, above all, the modifications allowed more than a hundred layouts to be set.

Paul Ricard was one of the first circuits to have all-asphalt run off areas. A special, ultra-abrasive finish was added to slow cars that strayed off line.

The advanced facilities make the French circuit one of the finest of its type.

One curious fact to round things off: the old track included the 'Signes' curve at the end of the 1.8 km 'Mistral' straight. Formula 1 journalists normally sat by the curve to check which drivers went flat out and which lifted off the gas; all they had to go by was their ears tuning in to the engines!