Oschersleben - germany

Maserati MC12s in pole position at Oschersleben

The Vitaphone Racing Team wanted to get the pole position in the German track at Oschersleben at all costs and in the end the best time was obtained by their native driver, Alex Müller, driving Maserati MC12 No. 2.

Mueller and his driver teammate Miguel Ramos have proven to be very fast on this circuit, because this morning, with the Portuguese driver at the wheel, their car made the best time during the pre-qualifying practices.

The Vitaphone Racing Team's other Maserati MC12 also performed well and made good time. Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels, despite being weighed down by 95-kg ballast, were able to secure a fourth position.
Weather: cloudy (18°), dry (24°)
Lenght: 3.696 m
Race: Sunday 21 June, 11.45 - 13.45 (local time)
Car N. 2 - Mueller/Ramos, handicap weight +45 kg (Vitaphone Racing Team) - pos. 1° - 1:24.546
Car N. 1 - Bartels/Bertolini, handicap weight +95 kg (Vitaphone Racing Team) - pos. 4° - 1:25.278