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Update: Maserati one-two at Hungaroring

At the end of the technical checks, the FIA’s technical officer, in line with Article Appendix J, decided to disqualify car No.14 – the Saleen S7 that won today’s race.

The exclusion of Wendlinger/Sharp means that first place now goes to the Maserati MC12 driven by Bertolini/Bartels and second to the MC12 crewed by Pier Guidi/Bobbi.

K Plus K Motorsports have the right to appeal against the decision.





Two Maseratis up on the podium at Hungaroring

The splendid second place obtained by Bertolini/Bartels and the third spot by Pier Guidi/Bobbi at the Budapest City Challenge race held today at the Hungaroring racetrack has once again allowed Maserati drivers and teams to lead all the FIA GT championship rankings.

 The result came at the conclusion of an exciting, hard-fought race whose main protagonists were the Maseratis. After losing Alex Müller's MC12 at the fourth lap due to an accident that occurred at the first curve, the two other Maseratis kept their adversaries on their toes, even holding the first places mid-race.
Bertolini's pit stop at lap 28 and Pier Guidi's at lap 22 caused a new rank and by the time the first hour of the race had gone by, the MC12s were taking up second place with Bartels and third with Bobbi. However, the German driver was penalized with a drive through for exceeding the speed limit at the pit lane. This, once the penalty was paid at lap 36, made him slide to third position.

The pace of the two Modenese cars, now behind Wendlinger/Sharp's Saleen, was nonetheless steady thanks also to the work carried out during the free practices. It was then that the team decided against changing tires during the second pit stops, occurring at lap 49 for Bartels and lap 54 for Bobbi.

At the end of the race, however, the MC12 driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi - in second place at the time - was forced to slow down because of the vibrations already felt during the qualifying practices and the warm-up, dropping behind Bertolini. At the end the Italian driver was nevertheless able to defend his third place from the attack of Enrique Bernoldi's Corvette, by mere 481 thousandths.

The checkered flag celebrated Wendlinger/Sharp's success, Bertolini/Bartels's second place (despite carrying over 100 kg of ballast on board) and Pier Guidi/Bobbi's third place. Thanks to these results, the reigning champions are once again at the top of the FIA GT1 driver championship, jumping up 5 notches over Hezemans/Kumpen (who came up sixth), while the Vitaphone Racing Team consolidates its leadership among the racing teams by moving up to 56.