Zolder - belgium

GranTurismo MC makes the podium in race 1

Following Thursday’s great qualifying session, the GranTurismo MC driven by Lorenzo Casé started from third on the grid in round 9 of the European GT4 Cup.

The race was held in cooler temperatures than yesterday’s even though the sun still shone.

The rolling start did not prove too fortunate Casé as he dropped a spot and then, at turn 5, left the track after clashing with a Porsche. The incident saw him fall to fifth but, despite this bad luck, the Italian driver kept in the fight and stayed close to the leaders. The only car to stretch into a healthy lead was the Nissan 350z.

The compulsory pit stops were a great chance for Casé to climb the field and he did not disappoint. The AF Corse mechanics swept into action after twenty-three minutes of racing and, when he came back on with all the pit stops over, he was in third. He then inherited second spot when Veltman’s BMW was hit with a penalty on lap 16 for having pitted for less than the allotted time.

The chance of repeating the fine Spa result ended a lap later when Mallock’s Aston Martin GT4 (winner of the previous meet) made the most of the traffic that slowed Casé. He managed to edge past the Maserati driver into second after a tight head-to-head.

Now, six laps from the end, Casé was looking to defend his podium spot from Moore-Osborne’s Ginetta G50 (which started in pole) and not take any risks.

Casé just misses out on the podium in race 2

In race 2, round ten of the series, the drivers raced under clear skies and in warmer temperatures than this morning.

As in race 1, Casé did not get off to the best of starts and slipped a couple of places. The Italian struggled to get his tyres up to temperature and, once he had, his lap times matched those of the other drivers.

Then, the AF Corse man mounted a comeback to take fourth and battled hard with Mallock’s Aston Martin right until the chequered flag for third place.

The win went to Martin-Sougnez in a Porsche 997 GT3 with Tom Dunstan’s Ginetta G50 in second.