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Zolder - belgium

Comments after the race at Zolder

Andrea Bertolini: «It was a team victory and solid proof that Bartels and I, when put under pressure, know how to react and give the best of ourselves, offering brilliant results.»

Andrea Bertolini (2): «The team worked all night to fix yesterday's mishap, when the accelerator's butterfly valve malfunctioned and caused us to go out of the track, damaging the car. They did a great job. Today my Maserati was very fast as well as unbeatable, I'd add. I tried to keep cool during the first part of the race, when a false move could have been our undoing. Then we started to eat up the laps and Bartels ended his stint in great advantage from Hezemans. This enabled us to do an extraordinarily quick driver-tire change and refuelling and to proceed to win the race.»

Michael Bartels: «Many people have asked me what is the secret of Maserati's and my team's four consecutive years of success. I think it is a matter of an extraordinary German and Italian blend of my group's work and the technical and design excellence of the MC12. In these years, they have consistently remained at the top in such a competitive event such as the FIA GT. The job, however, is not over yet. Now we are headed toward Argentina try our hand at the Drivers' Championship. We have our strategies to bring home the result we aim for.»





Comments after the qualifying at Zolder

Andrea Bertolini: «I nevertheless feel very confident about tomorrow. We are fast - as proven by our second place during the free practices - and our chance of winning hasn't changed.»

Andrea Bertolini: «We were very fast today and we were certainly capable of getting first row. At the third lap after I had twice lowered my time, I noticed a malfunction in the accelerator.I was able to disconnect the switches and correct my route, but by so doing, I lost speed and touched the rubber protection barriers at 35-40 degrees. The maneuver was successful: damage was minimal and we will now work to get the car in top condition for tomorrow's race. I myself came to no harm. The MC12 is a very safe car; it always has been. It's a real pity, though.»