San Luis - argentina

San Luis circuit

The semi-permanent circuit of Lago Potrero de Los Funes is situated some fifteen kilometres from San Luis.
The city, capital of the Argentinean province that shares its name, hosted an FIA-GT event for the first time in 1987. The race counted towards the Argentine Turismo championship, a series watched by many fans in South America. Compared to twenty years ago, a couple of ‘esses’ have been introduced and a particularly dangerous curve modified. The track stretches to 6249.85 metres, making it the second longest in the FIA-GT calendar after Spa-Francorchamps.

The sweeping circuit is especially eye-catching as it borders Lake Potrero with its wide curves and lengthy straights echoing historic European circuits. The layout makes it a demanding drive where mistakes can be costly, however it is much more fascinating than many other circuits designed to set formats.

The driver can still make a difference at Lago Potrero de Los Funes and the setting worthy of the greatest Argentine road races makes events here all the more unique.