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Nogaro - france

Comments after the race at Nogaro

Michael Bartels: «Corvette no. 5's dubious maneuver prevented us from getting the double victory we deserved.»

Alexandre Negrao: «I think the foundations for victory were laid during yesterday's qualifying practices. I knew the car was fast, but I was expecting a race in low temperature. Instead, it became quite warm, which helped the tires to adhere better to the track. I am very happy about this first victory for me at the FIA GT during my debut season, and I thank my partner Ramos for his outstanding work.»

Miguel Ramos: «It's the second victory in my career in the FIA GT and it arrives magically. During my turn at the wheel I pushed the car as far as it would go to recoup the greatest amount of seconds possible. I entered the pit stop area just seconds after the Corvettes, then the lightning-like change in the pit lane and teamwork enabled us to get back in the track in mere seconds, thus going on to win the race. Everything went perfectly.»

Andrea Bertolini:
«It is a real pity because today we were advancing well too, with an effort that was about to recompense us with a place at the podium. Gollin's intentional move towards my car snatched away the second place I was about to secure by taking advantage of Fassler's tire trouble. By then Fassler had already been overtaken by Negraõ. Only thanks to Gollin's calculated maneuver against us did he manage to get the second place he does not deserve. It is an sordid episode I want to dismiss from my mind so I can concentrate on the race in Zolder in two weeks.»

Michael Bartels (2): «After yesterday's qualifying practice results which set us back quite a bit, car no. 2's victory and our position confirm the Vitaphone team's strength this season. Our cars have been the fastest ones in the track and have been consistently on top. We won the round and enlarged our advantage in the Team's Championship, but we are more interested in the overall result.»








Comments after the qualifying at Nogaro

Alexandre Negraõ: «The car is very good, perhaps just a little slower because of the 50 kg ballast we're carrying, but I think that today we laid the ground for a climb on the podium tomorrow.»

Alexandre Negrao: «The third row is certainly not a shabby result for me as it's my first time in practically all European tracks. We are almost in front, just a little behind the first four cars who will take off at the starting line. I have to make sure I start out right and keep my place or perhaps gain fourth position if there is half a chance, and then creep up as the race is in progress.»

Andrea Bertolini: «We were penalized by traffic at the track, with Bouchut who slowed us down quite a bit. These things happen occasionally, and unfortunately the FIA GT qualifying practices are based on performance over a single lap and the tires have to give their best then. In the free practices we were moving at a good pace and I think we can run a good race. Now what we need to do is to solve the predicament of having to start out from the fifth row. The track is also very slippery and we need to find ways to minimize this problem.»