Nogaro - france

Nogaro circuit

In a country full of race tracks like France, the Paul Armagnac circuit in Nogaro (Guascogna) stands out for its design that fully tests the driver. Not a fast circuit, it recalls the Italian Varano de' Melegari track. Inaugurated in 1960, it initially measured 1.8 kilometres. However, it has been lengthened, the last modification being made in 1989, and it now stretches to 3.636 kilometres.  
Following the start straight, the circuit veers right and then left in the ‘du lac’ esse. Coming out of here it is into another rather long straight that leads into quite a testing section. First up is a broad left hander (Virage de la ferme) and then two right hand bends (double courbe de Caupenne). This part of the track has to be negotiated smoothly given the continued changes of direction.

Things speed up again with the Aviazione curve, one that precedes the longest straight on the circuit. At the end of this comes the difficult ‘école’ braking point, a tight right turn. On the home section, the Roger Dubos (tight) and Henri Oreiller (wider) turns are fundamental to get right as leaving Oreiller correctly pays off in speed terms on the straight opposite the pit lane. One last bend (Claude Storez) concludes what is undoubtedly an interesting lap.