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Bucarest - romania

Comments after the race at Bucharest

Alexandre Negraõ: «After Spa I also got second place this time; now it would be great to win».

Andrea Bertolini: «Today's place in the podium and the six points acquired here in Bucharest are a result that goes beyond our expectations, as racing with such heavy ballast on a city circuit certainly gave us no advantages. I mainly tried to save the brakes, as they had undergone terrible wear, and then Gollin's exit practically gave us the podium.»

Michael Bartels:
«Vitaphone Racing has once more taken two cars up on the podium. I am very happy because it is an unexpected result due to the ballast we were carrying. Everything is going the way it should, the technical team and the drivers are on the same wavelength and consequently we are getting good results. I have to thank the organizers and the city of Bucharest for the incredible work they've done. It is not easy to seal off a city of 3 million inhabitants for a race. I hope to return here next year for another race.»

Miguel Ramos: «It was the toughest race of my life becaus e when my turn to drive came the car was having problems with the clutch between the second and third gears, and by then the brakes were overheated too. I practically ran my stint entirely on fourth, taking incredible risks, but all went well.» 

Alexandre Negraõ (2): «I felt immediately at home in this circuit, which was new to me. I started off quite well and soon reached podium position but during my turn at driving I had already noticed that there was a problem downshifting. After Spa I also got second place this time; now it would be great to win.»