Bucarest - romania

MC12 on the podium also in race 2

Two MC12s on the podium

Andrea Bertolini and Michael Bartels picked up two precious third places from the tricky transfer to Bucharest. The finishes mean that they keep hold of top spot in the championship. The two Bucharest races were an unknown and had all the unexpected hazards typical of city races.

Even though they had to cope with a weighty load, Bertolini and Bartels were able to keep the car’s mechanics in good working order, meaning that the tyres and brakes worked well throughout. Alexander Negraõ and Miguel Ramos, in the other Vitaphone car, also left Bucharest with reputations enhanced. Ramos drove brilliantly and took his MC12 to second spot in race 2 despite transmission problems.

The MC12 proved that it could handle the pace and was reliable even on a track like Bucharest were the car’s mechanics are given a thorough going over.


23/08/2008 Bucharest

01Marcel Fassler01:15.348
02Karl Wendlinger01:15.532
03Michael Bartels01:16.348
04Mike Hezemans01:16.566
05Anthony Kumpen01:16.633
06Alexandre Negrao01:16.645
07Alex Muller01:16.833
08Christophe Bouchut01:17.011
09Allan Simonsen01:17.441
10Peter Kox01:18.219


24/08/2008 Bucharest

02Negrao/Ramos+ 9.964
03Bertolini/Bartels+ 13.856
04Kumpen/Longin+ 24.321
05Peter/Simonsen+ 33.792
06Maassen/Bouchut+ 38.654
07Kox/Rusinov+ 1:15.014
08Bell/Kirkaldy+ 1 LAP
09Vilander/Bruni+ 1 LAP
10Westbrook/Collard+ 1 LAP



Comments after the race at Bucharest
Alexandre Negraõ: «After Spa I also got second place this time; now it would be great to win».