Zhuhai - china

Zhuhai circuit

Zhuhai is the first permanent circuit to be constructed in China. The track is 4300 metres long and meets the strict international standards laid down by the FIA. It is equipped with the very latest in track technology. The track is a varied one, with 14 left and 10 right bends.
A very long main straight leads into the tricky first braking point, one that leads to a curve with a varied range: quite tight going into it and wider exiting. A brief straight is the introduction to a sharp right, before its back on the brakes for curve 4. Getting the exit right is crucial here because it is flat out from here to the entrance to turn 7, a slow one. More swift acceleration is called for before two left turns in succession: the first a rather slow one and the second fast and difficult. The stretch that follows is quite long and precedes the home curve, a variable one similar to the ‘parabolica’ at Monza.
The last tricky point of the circuit is curve 14 as it requires a fast 90° change of direction. From here it is into the start-finish straight, one that offers up an overtaking point at the end.