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Monza - italy

Giannoccaro - Pier Guidi

Comments after the race at Monza

Miguel Ramos: «We are improving with each race and closing in on a win».

Christian Montanari: «It was a superb race. We were quick and could have won if we hadn't had a glitch with the starter motor».

Miguel Ramos (2): «I would like to thank the entire team for all their hard work this weekend».






Comments after the qualifying at Monza

Christian Montanari: «I am really happy because qualifying was difficult with so many drivers bunched within a few tenths».

Alessandro Pier Guidi: «It was impossible to do any better today as there was always traffic on the track when I went for my fast lap, otherwise the front row would have been within reach. It is still a positive result as starting from the front at Monza is always an advantage, above all in the first curve. We have worked well with Pirelli and I think that we will have the right tyres in the race. The car is very well balanced and I have high hopes for tomorrow».

Christian Montanari (2): «I missed out on the front row by just one thousandth of a second but I think that we did really well. We worked hard, even in free practice, to fine tune the balance of the car and find the best set up for the race. It should be hot tomorrow and we will have to try to bring home as many points as possible. Monza is a fast track where the brakes are given a full workout. However, I am more than pleased with my car».

Andrea Piccini: «Clearly ninth place (eighth after Kox's Lamborghini was relegated down the field) is not that satisfying but the gap to pole was not that great. Today, two tenths meant gaining or slipping two or three grid positions. I am pleased with how the car handles as the balance is spot on and the Pirelli tyres are constant. The extra weight makes itself felt but we are hopeful going into the race».