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Round 4 - Belgium - Spa

Maserati takes back-to back victories at Spa

The demanding 24 Hour of Spa-Francorchamps concluded today, Sunday 30 July, at 16.00. After an entire day’s racing, the Maserati MC12 fielded by Vitaphone Racing Team and with Andrea Bertolini-Michael Bartels-Eric Van de Poele in the driving seat, claimed the win. The victory was obtained in the final 45 minutes of racing. This after 589 laps and a close battle with the Aston Martin DBR9 driven by Piccini-Deletraz-Lemeret-Fassler that finished 1´41'452 off the pace. In third, and ten laps down, was the Corvette C6R with Longin-Kumpen-Hezemans-Mollekens on board. Having started from third on the grid, the MC12 was always challenging for first in a duel that lasted the whole race.



29/07/2006 Spa-Francorchamps

01Aston Martin N°502:14.9
02Maserati MC12 N°202:15.0
03Maserati MC12 N°102:15.1
04Aston Martin N°2302:15.8
05Corvette C6R N°402:15.8
06Saleen S7R N°902:16.6
07Aston Martin N°3302:17.1
08Aston Martin N°2402:17.4
09Corvette C6R N°3402:18.0
10Corvette C5R N°3502:19.3


30/07/2006 Spa-Francorchamps

01Maserati MC12 n°101:39.5
02Aston Martin n°5+1:41.452
03Corvette C6R n°4+9 LAPS
04Aston Martin n°23+11 LAPS
05Corvette C6R n°34+24 LAPS
06Ferrari 430 n°59+29 LAPS
07Ferrari 430 n°58+32 LAPS
08Saleen S7R n°9+35 LAPS
09Ferrari 430 n°62+41 LAPS
10Spyker C8 n°80+48 LAPS