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Zhuhai - china

Comments after the race at Zhuhai

Andrea Bertolini: «Karl and I held first in the Drivers'championship and will do until the very end even though the going wil be tough.»

Michael Bartels: «We are very pleased with the result, top spot overall in the team championship and for having closed the gap in the Drivers'. The three stop plan with a double stint for the Pirelli tyres proved a winning one as they held up very well. The car was perfect and not even the brakes caused us problems. We led for a while and did the best we could».

Thomas Biagi: «With 150kg of ballast we tried to have a well balanced car. We had no choice but to make three stops and so did a double stint with the tyres. We are pleased at first spot in the team standings. In taking fourth we have now lost some weight. At Dubai we should by even more competitive».

Andrea Bertolini (2): «We have always been consistent and done our best. Our third stop for refuelling meant we lost a place but we will hope to do better in Dubai».



Comments after qualifying session at Zhuhai

Karl Wendlinger: «We worked all day in race mode, simulating long runs.

Karl Wendlinger (2): «The car is well balanced, the tyres work well despite the added weight and this calms us and is reason for optimism. The brakes will be crucial in the race as the ballast will work them hard. This is why it will be difficult to brake late and overtake, even GT2 cars.

In order to score points, concentration levels have to be maintained, as does a constant pace until the finish. Even our direct adversaries, Gardel apart, are in the same position regarding weight. This is why I think the championship will come down to the final race».