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Silverstone - uk

Comments after the race at Silverstone

Silverstone - Fabio Babini: «The car was perfect: I had the chance to really push and put pressure on the Astons».

Fabio Babini (2): «I managed to get close but coming out of the curves they had the edge in acceleration. In any case, it was a positive weekend for is. We won a virtual first place which repays Maserati, team Vitaphone and Pirelli for their hard work that has put us at the head of the championship».

Babini was voted best driver by journalists at Magny Cours.

Thomas Biagi:
«I am pleased with the thirteenth pole in fourteen FIA GT races. Fabio and I did well and even held the lead for a while. We couldn't go any quicker because we didn't have the downforce.»







Comments after the qualifying at Silverstone

Andrea Bertolini and Karl Wendlinger: «Downforce on this track in a key factor, having a smaller rear wing hinders us.

Andrea Bertolini and Karl Wendlinger (2): «Also, the extra forty kg assigned to the ten teams because of our past results, did have an influence. Apart from this we had a well balanced car. Planning the pit stops well and not making errors will be very important in getting a good result.»

Philippe Peter:
«The grip increased gradually though the track was very dirty. Overtaking was very hard on this track. It is important to have a good set up for the race. We are happy and hopeful.»

Roman Rusinov:
«The car is well balanced. Today we all managed to test in each session. The feeling in the team is improving and here at Silverstone we are hoping for a good results.»

Thomas Biagi:
«Today we focused on getting a good race set up for the tyres. Both Fabio and I have raced here before, though on the long track.»