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Magny Cours - france

Comments after the race at Magny-Cours

Andrea Bertolini: «The car was spot on. We worked very hard on finding a race set up right from qualifying on».

Andrea Bertolini (2): «I nearly had a heart attack went I went off the track but, luckily, I managed to hold onto the lead».

Karl Wendlinger:
«Everything went well. We were consistent and very quick. I had a duel with Bartels and it wasn’t easy to overtake and compromise the result so I didn’t take excessive risks».

Michael Bartels:
«It was a great race. I had a battle with Karl and it took me back to the F3 days. I am pleased for the team, as we are leading the drivers’ and team classifications, as well as for Maserati, who head the Constructors’ Cup».

Timo Scheider:
«It seemed like we had a chance of the win when I saw Bertolini off the track and so I tried to push even harder. It is a shame that we lost time during the pit stop. I will try to win the next race».

Fabio Babini:
«I enjoyed the first hour of the race, while I was in the lead, very much. When the safety car came on we lost the advantage we had. The team is working well and we have high hopes for the next race».

Thomas Biagi:
«Today I took the tenth GT podium spot in my career. It was a good weekend and I am happy with how I raced. I would like to thank everybody whose hard work allowed me to finish so highly».



Comments after the qualifying session at Magny-Cours

Andrea Bertolini: «I am obviously very happy with this morning’s fast time.»

Andrea Bertolini (2): «We worked hard on getting the car’s balance right and tried different types of springs and beams. We found the most suitable set up eventually and it is also right for race mode. We have lots of new faces in the team but the understanding between us grows by the race. It will be very hot again tomorrow and it will be a tough race but we feel sure that we can do well, even though the effects of having a smaller rear wing can really be felt on a circuit like Magny Cours».

Michael Bartels:
«We worked well considering we have 30kg of weight on board as well as the 10kg from the start of the season. We opted to prioritise the set up with the race in mind rather than going for pole position at all costs. Tomorrow’s race will be very open with more than one car being in with a shout».

Fabio Babini:
«Apart from a problem with the clutch this morning we are pleased with how things went. We found a good set up and we managed to improve the car further in the afternoon. We had an extra 20kg on board as well as the 10kg assigned to all the MC12s at the start of the season. It will be really hot again tomorrow and so the tyres will play a fundamental role.»