Magny Cours - france

Magny Cours circuit

The circuit can be divided into two parts: one mixed - very treacherous - and one very fast. Magny-Cours is widely considered to be an atypical track, characterised by a smooth, even, though slippery, surface.

It is a difficult track to negotiate given the number of curves, but the straight is extremely fast, with the cars touching 280km/h immediately before the entrance to Adelaide corner. The are many points which test drivers' skill, for example, getting the line right going into Estoril, with the intention of taking advantage of slipstream to attack at the tight Adelaide bend. The fast 'S' tagged 'Nurburgring' (all the curves are named after famous circuits) leads the driver into a 180° curve, from which it takes its name.

The wide bend is particularly testing owing to the understeer it generates in the cars. The vehicles are also taken to the limit in the Imola 'S', a dip that rises sharply at the exit and shoots the cars out on their way. The last section that includes the right-hand Chateau d'Eau and the Liceo curve, offering the driver a good passing spot before the start-finish line.