Imola - italy

Round 4 - Italy - Imola

Podium for championship leaders Babini/Biagi

It was an exciting fourth round of the FIA GT Championship held this weekend at Imola.

It was widely known that the Vitaphone Racing Team’s MC12 would have a difficult time with the 80kg of ballast in addition to the 10kg imposed at the start of the season. Bertolini/Wendlinger (JMB Racing) would similarly struggle with their 70kg of extra weight as well as the 10kg. The teams were obliged to adopt a three stop strategy, one more than their rivals, in order to race with a lighter fuel load and so maintain a high tempo.

Nonetheless, the effect of the ballast took its toll in the form of an extra second and a half per lap compared to the other leading cars. The heavier cars also meant that the brakes came under greater stress. Also, having to use a smaller rear wing resulted in less aerodynamic download in the curves, a crucial factor at a technically demanding circuit like Imola.Fabio Babini and Thomas Biagi claimed an extremely important third place at the end of a closely fought race.



28/05/2005 Imola

02Lamy/Gardel+ 0.291
03Peter/Buncombe/Rusinov+ 0.392
04Bartels/Scheider+ 0.538
05Bouchut/Fomenko/Vasiliev+ 0.631
06Ruberti/Camathias+ 0.801
07Babini/Biagi+ 0.804
08Deletraz/Piccini+ 1.214
09Lechner/Bobbi+ 1.426
10Bertolini/Wendlinger+ 1.462


29/05/2005 Imola

02Lamy/Gardel+ 19.264
03Babini/Biagi+ 24.005
04Bertolini/Wendlinger+ 53.757
05Peter/Buncombe/Rusinov+ 1 lap
06Melo/Belloc+ 3 laps
07Casoni/Varini/Panzavuota+ 9 laps
08Stanco/Janus+ D.n.f.
09Lechner/Bobbi+ D.n.f.
10Becker/Hermann+ D.n.f.



Comments after the race at Imola
Thomas Biagi: «I had two good stints and put the Corvette in some difficulty and then, near the end, the two Ferraris».