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Comments after the race

Claudio Berro: «It was an exciting race right until the evening finish.»

Claudio Berro (2): «The result wasn’t what we expected especially as we were leading right up until the end. Fabrizio and Johnny fought really hard. I feel sorry for Andrea and Mika who had to pull out because of a mechanical problem.»

Andrea Bertolini:
«I had to retire because of an engine problem. We decided to use here the engine we used at Imola and Oschersleben to continue gathering data on the development of the car for the client teams. The 100kg ballast really affected our performance as it created oversteer.»

Mika Salo:
«I had to push hard from the start to keep up with Bobbi and De Simone as we had decided shortly before the start to take onboard more fuel. This meant that I had to get the maximum out of the tyres. It is a shame about the retirement though the engine did have a lot of kilometres in it, being the same one we used in the previous two races; we were going well.»

Johnny Herbert:
«We worked well over the whole weekend. Everything went okay and the car was well balanced. The important thing was to stick to a clean racing line and conserve the tyres and brakes. We had a good tempo. Fabrizio drove impeccably and we were in the lead until it got dark.»

Fabrizio De Simone:
«It was a hard-fought race. I pushed hard at the beginning of my turns in the driver’s seat and I had to be careful of the condition of the tyres and the fuel levels. We could have won: our strategy was to finish the race in daylight. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and we had to make a final pit stop, meaning we slipped one place.»