The utmost speed in driving

Master High Performance: the PhD in high-speed track driving.  

Reserved for those who have already participated in the GT programmes, the Master High Performance delivers the most advanced concepts in high-speed driving and vehicle control. This is an advanced Master course that assumes familiarity with fundamental driving techniques and is mainly oriented towards competitive circuit driving. This is the ideal course for the advanced gentleman driver who wishes to participate in races.

A personalised programme

Technically challenging exercises for those after a stimulating experience.  

Dedicated to high-speed circuit driving and oriented towards more advanced clients who always demand the utmost from every experience, the Maserati Master High Performance provides significant in-depth analysis based on the perfect combination of various elements: safety, advanced high-speed driving concepts, technically complex and stimulating control exercises, a personalised programme and on-going interaction with the team of instructors.

Cutting-edge instruments

The student's driving capacity is analysed in detail with various instruments.

In addition to high-speed driving on the circuit with and without the pace car, participants will be able to practice pendulum turns on low-grip surfaces and the best technique for performing the “Circle”. The Master also includes the intensive and professional use of telemetric instruments which, when combined with the viewing of images provided by the on-board audio/video system, are capable of providing an accurate analysis of the driver’s performance.

Maserati owners on the track

Final track sessions for Maserati owners.  

Although courses are also open to potential clients of the Trident, at the end of the course there will be an on-track session dedicated exclusively to Maserati owners, who will enjoy testing the potential of their own car in absolute safety. To guarantee that every student receives the utmost attention, the overall number of participants is limited to twenty-four individuals divided into groups of six/eight people.