Pure adrenaline by Maserati

Two days of thrills on the track guided by expert Maserati drivers.

Dedicated to those who wish to gain a better understanding of these vehicles and more advanced techniques for driving a high performance GT in utmost safety. Each participant receives personalised training from our tutors, while two days spent on the track enable each participant to assimilate the advice they have been given. An exciting course designed for the most demanding enthusiasts.

In control no matter what

Specific training for driving on the track and in emergency situations.

The Master GT 2 Days provides Maserati owners and potential clients with in-depth training on sporty driving on the track, including targeted training on safe driving techniques in emergencies. For each of the participants, the Master GT instructors will create a personalised programme on the basis of their needs, level and expectations as expressed during the initial briefing.

Advanced driving techniques

Advanced driving techniques for full control over high-performance vehicles.

Two full days spent on the circuit for in-depth training on the most advanced driving techniques for high-performance vehicles in total safety. Participants have the chance to substantially improve their driving skills. The Maserati Master course is tried and tested, and offers the benefit of the experience of the most highly qualified instructors with consolidated experience in sporty track driving.

Educational on-board imagery

Track sessions alternated with theory lessons illustrated with on-board imagery.  

The track sessions are alternated with the viewing of images provided by the audio/video recording system installed on board: in this way you can better analyse your on-track performance and correct eventual imperfections more easily. Special attention is paid to driving on low-grip road surfaces with the objective of improving the driver's reactions in emergency conditions.

One-to-one with the drivers

Individual meetings with drivers to improve the participant's technical level.  

The learning experience is completed with an analysis of the data obtained from the telemetry system and a personal interview with the instructors-drivers. Upon conclusion of the course, Maserati owners will also have the opportunity to drive their own car on the track during a dedicated session. To guarantee that every student receives the utmost attention, the overall number of participants is limited and groups do not exceed six/eight people.