Driving Courses - Instructors

Master Maserati instructors: a team of exceptional drivers

The Maserati Master instructors are track or rally drivers selected for their professional ability and teaching experience.

It is an exceptional team of over 50 drivers, co-ordinated by Andrea de Adamich.

During the Maserati Master courses, guests are divided into small groups with an instructor assigned to each for the duration of the course. The aim is to optimise speed and maximise the learning.

The instructor oversees every participant during every stage. Close contact is maintained during the track-driving phase, when the driver is in the car or, indeed, when the radio-car is used for car control exercises. This direct interaction allows an involving and inspirational atmosphere to develop and permits the teaching to be tailored to the requirements of each participant.

Andrea de Adamich

Andrea de Adamich was born in Trieste on 13 October 1941. He raced in Formula 1 and in the Marche World Championship between 1962 and 1974. He is remembered for having competitively raced in Ferrari, Alpha Romeo, McLaren, March, Brabham and Surtees cars.
After establishing himself as a journalist specialising in the auto field, in 1979 de Adamich came back into the Formula 1 fold and hosted a television programme entitled Grand Prix - one that continues to be broadcast today.
De Adamich runs a school of safe driving at the autodrome of Varano de’ Melegari, as well as being General Manager of the Master Maserati driving courses.

Domenico Schiattarella

Domenico Schiattarella won Formula 2000's Italian Championship in 1987.
In 1991 he was runner-up, racing alongside Luca Badoer and Jacques Villeneuve.
After two years partly in Formula Indy and partly racing for Team Symtech in the Formula 1 World Championship, he won the Le Mans 24 Hours. In 1997 he appeared for Team Benetton Lotus in the FIA GT World Championship, a series he also participated in between 1999 and 2001. He raced in the FIA GT championship between 1997 and 2001.

Alessandro Fiorio

Alessandro Fiorio, known as Alex, was born in Turin on 10 March 1965. He made his racing debut in 1985 in a Fiat Uno. At only 22 years of age, in 1987, he won the World Championship Group Gr.N at the wheel of a Lancia. In 1988-89 he came third and second overall, respectively, in the World Rally championship. He competed in the series until 1995, first in a Lancia and then a Ford, obtaining sensational results: 3 wins, 9 seconds positions, 4 thirds, 4 fourths and 3 fifths. He amassed 241 World Rally points.

Piero Liatti

His first track appearance came at Monza in 1981 when he raced in the Renault Cup. Having secured a string of good results, he made the switch to rallying where his skills as a driver were even more evident.
1986 was the year he came of age when his Fiat Uno Trofeo won the championship. In 1988 he disputed the Gr.N European Championship at the wheel of a Lancia Delta Integrale and, in 1991, won the European Championship in a Delta 16V. He became an official Subaru driver in 1996 and competed in the entire World Championship season, collecting a fine series of results along the way. A year on, he won the Rally of Monte Carlo and finished 5th overall.

Andrea Piccini

Andrea Piccini raced in the Formula Europa Boxter Italian championship in 1995.
The following year he competed in the Formula Opel Lotus German Championship. He also took the ‘Surprise of the season’ award. His results saw him move onto the European stage in the same category where he raced between 1997-98.
Between 1999-2001 he raced in the Formula 3000 International Championship, and, shortly after, became the European Test Driver for the Minardi Formula 1 team.
In 2002, with four wins, he was the FIA GT World Championship driver with the most victories. He was the runner-up in the series in 2006. In 2007, he shared the drive in a Maserati MC12 with Andrea Bertolini.

Andrea Aghini

Role: Master Maserati Driver-Instructor
Competitive career: 1988-89  Rally Gr.N Italian Champion,1991-93 European Rally Championship - Lancia Official Driver - Winner of Sanremo Rally, 1994-95 World Rally Championship - Toyota-Mitsubishi Driver, 1997 Italian Rally Championship – Toyota Official Driver, 1998 Italian and European Rally Champion – Toyota Official Driver, 1999 Italian Rally Champion – Toyota Official Driver, 2000-01 Italian Rally Champion – Mitsubishi-Subaru Official Driver, 2002 Italian and European Rally Championship – Peugeot Official Driver, 2003 Italian Rally Championship–Peugeot Official Driver,2004-2006 Italian Rally Championship,2007 Italian Rally Championship, 2008 “Terra” Italian Championship