Quattroporte Diesel - Interior

Luxury is expressed through simple, elegant design, as in an exclusive lounge

The interior of the Quattroporte Diesel is designed like an exclusive lounge: the intuitive on-board controls offer themselves to the occupants with discretion, taking care not to detract from the real protagonists: the surfaces and materials. The dashboard, divided horizontally into three levels, features a broad central band across the entire width of the car, with the large Maserati Touch Control touchscreen display in the middle.


Luxury leather, the fine wood and the contrast stitching, styled in keeping with the purest hand-crafted tradition, seamlessly continue the sleek lines of the dashboard, the central tunnel and the doors, enveloping the passengers in an atmosphere of luxury. The standard version offers finishes in Burr Walnut, an exquisite open-pore wood with knots and vein patterning for an added air of exclusiveness and sophistication. 


For music connoisseurs seeking more power, more dynamism, and an extra dimension of emotional realism, the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound System brings new levels of audio refinement to the Maserati Quattroporte. With ten high-powered speakers carefully positioned throughout the cabin, the system produces 360 degrees of sublime sound reproduction despite the listeners` seating position. A special high-performance subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies with ease, whilst the mid-range drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument makes its presence felt on this virtual concert platform.

Elegant, ergonomic seats

The ergonomic, wraparound seats feature fine contrast stitching on the vertical grooves in the middle of the seat and back. The front seats feature electric back and seat height, depth and angle adjustment; lumbar support adjustment is also provided, with adjustable pedals available for a perfect driving position.