Quattroporte S Q4 - Interior

4wd for sports car performance

Clean lines create unprecedented grace

Passengers in the Quattroporte S Q4 can relax in an interior finished in bespoke leathers, prestigious woods and fine contrast stitching that are all crafted using traditional techniques. The dashboard is arranged in three horizontal bands with the broad centre console, tunnel and other door elements finished in much-sought-after open pore Radica wood trim as standard.


For music connoisseurs seeking more power, more dynamism, and an extra dimension of emotional realism, the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound System brings new levels of audio refinement to the Maserati Quattroporte. With ten high-powered speakers carefully positioned throughout the cabin, the system produces 360 degrees of sublime sound reproduction despite the listeners` seating position. A special high-performance subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies with ease, whilst the mid-range drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument makes its presence felt on this virtual concert platform. 

Pure and intuitive commands

The on-board commands are intuitive but do not invade the driver or passengers’ personal space. In the centre of the dashboard sits the 8.4” touchscreen for the Maserati Touch Control system. This portal allows the car’s many on-board features to be managed while the vehicle’s dynamic handling can be controlled by the buttons grouped on the central tunnel, to the side of the gear lever.

The spacious rear seat accommodates three passengers

The Quattroporte S Q4 is an exciting car to drive but is also enjoyable for passengers. During development, a lot of a time and attention was paid to passengers seated in the rear, resulting in the car’s rear leg space being among the best in its class. The comfortable three seats can be substituted with two individual seats divided by a central console from which occupants can control a number of features to make every journey a memorable one.

Comfortable, body-hugging seats

The front leather seats are comfortable to sit in and ergonomic. They provide occupants with elevated comfort levels while also containing roll during sportier drives. The centre section of the seat and back panel is enhanced by vertical contrast stitching that continues the interior’s linear elegance.