Opposites attract

Seeing the GranTurismo Sport in the flesh will get your heart racing. Thanks to its balanced and seductive design, its parent car, the GranTurismo, has been universally acclaimed as one of the most stylish coupés of all time. The Maserati Centro Stile has now fine-tuned a few of its details to produce an even more elegant sporty personality that will delight enthusiasts.


The new frontier in GT car design, a combination of elegance and passion

Seeing the GranTurismo Sport in the flesh will get your heart racing. Thanks to its balanced and seductive design, its parent car, the GranTurismo, has been universally acclaimed as one of the most stylish coupés of all time. The Maserati Style Centre has now fine-tuned a few of its details to produce an even more elegant sporty personality that will delight enthusiasts.

The nose features sinuous air intakes with an aerodynamic purpose

The nose is the first part of the car to grab the attention: either side of the traditional Maserati oval radiator grille are two innovative large air intakes which not only improve the air flow and the cooling of the front brakes, but also act as a stylistic junction between the central grille and the new light assemblies. There is also a new aerodynamic splitter lower down in the centre.


Pronounced miniskirts convey air flows toward the rear

On the sides of the car, the pronounced miniskirts are available in black on request and emphasise the exceptionally dynamic lines while also playing an important aerodynamic role. The outcome of a specific wind-tunnel design project, they have the crucial task of conveying the flow of air to the rear wheels in the most efficient manner possible: an example of form serving function.

The GranTurismo Sport’s silhouette starts from the famous Maserati oval radiator grille: it couldn’t be any other way, as essential as the large Trident logo with red trims suspended in the centre of the grille’s black vertical fillets.

The car is immediately recognisable thanks to the Shadow Line trim

At the rear of the car a number of details make the car instantly recognisable: first to catch the eye is the newly-designed tail light assembly with a special burnished finish which accentuates the effect of the 96 LEDs, while the oval exhaust tailpipes are black as per the standard Shadow Line trim. The Chrome Line option, with its wealth of elegant chrome-plated finishes, is available on request.

The special metallescent Blu Sofisticato finish underlines the exterior forms

The rhythm, force and movement of the GranTurismo Sport are exalted by the innovative metallescent Blu Sofisticato finish, a colour which makes the bodywork even more alluring. Last but not least, the large 20-inch Astro Design rims offer a good view of the Brembo brake calipers, also available in the absolutely original Blu Opaco Anodizzato (anodised matt blue) finish which once again highlights the car’s sporty personality.


Sophisticated luxury and comfort combined with state-of-the-art ergonomics

Comfortable, luxurious, sporty: these are the sensations immediately conveyed by the interior of the GranTurismo Sport. The interior boasts exquisite materials, expert craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail in a new form that combines perfectly with the closely-studied ergonomics. The objective is to prioritise the desire for a sporty drive while ensuring unbeatable comfort and spaciousness.

The leather is combined with soft Alcantara® in many areas of the interior

The sports temperament of the GranTurismo Sport is also evident in the use of Alcantara® in combination with traditional Poltrona Frau leather in many areas of the interior, as well as the new anthracite-grey Dark Chrome trim or the EcoChrome trim - a shade which recalls the gleam of molten metal - for the dashboard, door panels and quarter panels. 

Body-hugging seats

The newly-designed front seats with integrated headrest guarantee greater comfort and better support when cornering. A new bezel underneath the headrest adds an extra sporty touch. In combination with the leather, the central part of the seat and back can be upholstered in perforated Alcantara® (standard on the version with MC Shift electro-actuated gearbox).

Trofeo Design steering wheel

When they place their hands on the new steering wheel, drivers will notice its flattened rim, the longer Trofeo Design gear shift paddles and the new, more distinctively profiled grip. All these features make it more comfortable but are also tailored to the needs of a sporty driving style. It comes with three different finishes: all-leather, leather/Alcantara or leather/carbon fibre.

Rpm counter takes centre stage

Another very important feature for those who appreciate a more sporty interior is the lightweight pedal board in perforated aluminium, which provides a direct link between the driver's instinct and skill and the car's response. The instrument panel is highly legible in all lighting conditions and, with its digital rpm counter, clearly displays exactly the right time for gear shifts.


Innovative solutions broaden the horizons of sports driving

Driving the Maserati GranTurismo Sport on the road will broaden your horizons when it comes to sports driving. The car is the outcome of a vast array of significant changes made by the Maserati engineers to the engine, suspension and gearbox. All with a single objective in mind: to establish the best combination of features in order to give the owner a car even closer to perfection, from every point of view.

The V8 continues a tradition of groundbreaking excellence in engine design

Mechanics ahead of their time

The GranTurismo Sport 4.7L V8 engine stands out for its silent running, performance and reliability. An engine that inherits the mechanical sophistication which has always been a Maserati hallmark, united with numerous innovative solutions such as the special DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) finish used for the tappets and camshaft lobes, an innovation that significantly reduces friction.

The driver sets the output level

The engine’s 460 horsepower changes personality to match the situation: from the discreet purr of urban driving to the powerful thrilling roar of sporty driving on the open road. The choice is in the driver’s hands: he can set the output level by pressing the Sport button. Most of the 520 Nm of torque is available over a wide range of engine speeds for an outstandingly smooth ride.

ZF automatic gearbox controlled by the exclusive MC Auto Shift software

The ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox with hydraulic torque converter guarantees an even more comfortable ride with no reduction in performance. The transmission is controlled by the MC Auto Shift software, with rev limiter override, double declutch and high-performance start function. There are five operating modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport and Ice.


Optimal weight distribution between front and rear axles for better handling

On the GranTurismo Sport, the MC Auto Shift automatic transmission is mounted directly on the engine: this layout, and the fact that the engine is moved back behind the front axle, provides extremely well balanced weight distribution with 49% at the front and 51% at the rear. This generates predictable handling, making the car more relaxing to drive, and maximises traction during acceleration.


Suspension features the Sport Skyhook electronic control system

 The GranTurismo Sport's double wishbone suspension features a new setup and is controlled by the Sport Skyhook System, which has been specially developed for this version. Pressing the dashboard Sport button makes the car even more precise and responsive without affecting its ability to deal with rough road surfaces, since it continuously adapts to ground conditions.


A car crafted to reflect your personality

Maserati has been manufacturing extremely high-performance cars with impeccable finishes for a long time. However, as every one of us has their own personal taste and preferences a vast number of details on the GranTurismo Sport can be customised. From the bodywork shades - two pastel and nine metallic, six special and three matt colours - to the shades of the leather upholstery, the colours of the contrast stitching and the large assortment of choice woods and even the carpets.

The Alcantara® package brings a special luxury to large areas of the interior

The optional Alcantara® package is a fine match for the car’s extremely dynamic look: already used with success on the GranTurismo MC Stradale, it allows various areas of the interior (instrumentation brow, central armrest, door panel/handle armrest, centre of dashboard and central tunnel) to be finished in a material that is lighter than leather and both luxurious and sporty at the same time.


The MC Sport Line personalization packages: stylish, functional carbon

The MC Sport Line personalization packages specifically developed for the GranTurismo Sport combine the alternatives on offer with features designed to give the car a truly sporty, dynamic air. There are two exterior packages which include stylish, functional carbon fibre together with additional individual contents. In the car’s interior, there are three different “levels” of carbon fibre use.

Large selection of chrome-plated trims to make the body even more elegant

As an alternative to the standard Shadow Line version where black enhances the car’s sporty design, there is also the optional Chrome Line version which offers the elegance of chrome-plated trims on the radiator grille fillets, the three air vents behind the front wheels, the handles, the tailpipes and the side window trims, together with a matt grey finish for the front light assemblies. 

The suspension can also be customised with the “Handling Package”

On a car like the GranTurismo Sport, even the suspension setup can be customised: the “Handling Package” replaces the standard electronically controlled suspension with suspension with a single rigid setup lowered by 10 mm, red springs and shock absorbers and a more rugged rollbar. The mapping of the electronic MSP system is also more appropriate for high-performance handling. 

Tech Specs

Dimensions and weights
MC Shift MC Auto Shift
Length 4881 mm 4881 mm
Width (with side mirrors) 2056 mm 2056 mm
Width (without side mirrors) 1915 mm 1915 mm
Height 1353 mm 1353 mm
Wheelbase 2942 mm 2942 mm
Front track 1586 mm 1586 mm
Rear track 1590 mm 1590 mm
Front overhang 873 mm 873 mm
Rear overhang 1066 mm 1066 mm
Turning circle 10,7 m 10,7 m
Boot capacity 260 l 260 l
Fuel tank capacity 86 l 86 l
Dry weight 1780 kg * 1780 kg *
Kerb weight 1880 kg * 1880 kg *
* European market version
MC Shift MC Auto Shift
Front 245/35-ZR20 245/35-ZR20
Rear 285/35-ZR20 285/35-ZR20
MC Shift MC Auto Shift
Automatic transmission
Number of cylinders and layout V8 90° V8 90°
Displacement 4691 cm³ 4691 cm³
Bore 94 mm 94 mm
Stroke 84,5 mm 84,5 mm
Compression ratio 11,25:1 11,25:1
Max. power output 338 kW (460 hp) 338 kW (460 hp)
Engine speed at max. power output 7000 rpm 7000 rpm
Peak torque 520 Nm (53 kgm) 520 Nm (53 kgm)
Engine speed at peak torque 4750 rpm 4750 rpm
MC Shift MC Auto Shift
Maximum speed 300 km/h (186 mph) 298 km/h (185 mph)
0 to 100 km/h acceleration 4,7 s 4,8 s
Fuel consumption (combined cycle) 15,5 (l/100 km) 14,3 (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (combined cycle) 360 (g/km) 331 (g/km)

Some models, equipment and accessories may not be available or may only become available after the car’s launch on the market. Maserati reserves the right to modify colors, designs and technical features at any time and without forewarning. Contact your authorized Maserati dealer for further details.