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21/04/2012 - Vallelunga
Patrick Zamparini: "In the morning I was on the track to test the car I will be sharing for a couple of races with my friend Khaled Almudhaf.

He needs a little more practice than I do and so had to run a few more laps. There are a few differences between this car and the one I used in the Trofeo Middle East: the rear wing that means you can go faster in curves and the traction is better. On the negative side, I noticed a hint of understeer but this could be down to the tyres I used as they were pretty worn. The GranTurismo is now quicker; you just have to adapt and change the way you take curves. I have to thank everyone who organised the Trofeo Maserati Middle East: the whole thing went brilliantly. We were treated like princes and even the smallest details were taken car of. I have a background in rallying but this was my first time on the track and, I have to admit, I felt at home. I don't know if other championships are organised in the same way but, if this were the case, it would be worth competing on the track".

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli, AF Corse:
"I covered quite a few laps and am in a position to compare this new car with the one from last year: the 2012 kit has brought some big improvements. The car is now quicker, as the first tests proved, and it feels different to drive. Now you can brake without locking up. I think the car is easier to control and the development work has really paid off. Even though the season hasn't started yet, the overall feeling is positive. It seems that the level of the series has gone up a notch and is now 'global'. This attracts better drivers from other championships. Last year, paired with Alessandro Chionna, I won the Team title with AF Corse and it would be great to win it again. This year we are in shape to go for the overall title but my main aim is to finish the season as I am currently down to race in just a few events".

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