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Maserati e-Brochure app available now for Ghibli and Quattroporte


Maserati e-Brochure is the first official application that allows you to discover the exclusive world of Maserati Catalogues. From today you can take the history, charm, class and technology of our sedan with you anywhere.

Thanks to Maserati e-Brochure app, the secrets of Ghibli and Quattroporte Range have all been revealed. You can get to know the car down to the tiniest details courtesy of the technical rundown and extensive image gallery available for each model. The video content will let you take in our cars on the move and the audio of the awesome V8 and V6 engine can be listened.

Download for iPad

Download for Android

The Light Car Configurator

Design your dream model. By accessing the light car configurator, you will be able to choose the colour of the exterior bodywork and rims. Once the car has been configured, you can select your nearest dealer to discover more information about your Ghibli or Quattroporte.

The Dealer locator

Realise your dreams. To experience our excellence for yourself and admire our vehicles, the Maserati Dealer Locator will guide you to your nearest dealership.

The Maserati e-brochure app project won a First Place World Luxury Award Golden Trophée. 2013 World Luxury Awards – the 7th in the series – outstanding creative work was rewarded for Maserati and for other many prestigious brands.