The Ideal Glasses for Travelling in a GranCabrio

There are some accessories that you cannot live without, especially when the season or the latitude allow you to open up the roof of the GranCabrio and enjoy the symphony of the 450 cv of this fairy tale car, worthy of its place in the history of the Trident.

Silvia Venturini Fendi knows this history well, as the GranCabrio brings back memories of happy trips across Italy in a Maserati with her father. The GranCabrio has succeeded in retaining that same spirit: with excellent performance and a luxury finish, it enhances the pleasure of travelling and creates memories that last a lifetime.

The GranCabrio reawakens my childhood memories of when I travelled across Italy with my father in one of the very first Maseratis. 

Silvia Venturini Fendi

Fendi Maserati Travel Kit
Fendi Maserati Travel Kit

Fendi and Maserati are not only linked by the past. The two companies continue to share a passion for research and innovation, preserving their tradition of hand-made products.

It was this shared vision that resulted in the Fendi Maserati driving glasses, which demonstrate what Italian Style is able to produce when its greatest talents come together.

These ideal driving glasses were designed to celebrate the partnership between Maserati GranCabrio and Fendi. They are the outcome of the Whispered Grand Tour, an event spanning broad stretches of time and land that extols the virtues of travelling and the principles of hand-made luxury, a typical feature of high-quality Made in Italy products.

Designed to be used under open skies, they have polarised, anti-reflective lenses, ensuring optimum visibility, even when exposed to maximum sunlight. The craftsmen in the Fendi workshops have forged the Fendi Maserati driving glasses by hand, giving them colours that represent the Roman maison: yellow and grey.
This highly refined product is an excellent addition to the exclusive Fendi Maserati Travel Kit.

If the Whispered Grand Tour represents a celebration of Italian excellence and the value of handmade items in this era of dehumanisation of products, the Fendi Maserati driving glasses are the best representation of this love for beautiful things made with close attention to detail.