The engine that sings

The Seven Note Project celebrates the encounter between Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins, two brands that pursue excellence in engineering and technological innovation. 

The British company Bowers&Wilkins, makers of hi-end audio systems with an emphasis on design, supported Howie B in his attempt to isolate the seven notes that each Maserati engine produces.

After months of recordings to capture the essence of the V8 engine, designed and developed by Maserati and then assembled by hand by Ferrari technicians in Maranello, Howie B has the definitive proof of something that anyone who has ever heard the sound of a Maserati motor already knows.

This long-awaited proof comes in the form of two tracks that can be downloaded for free from the event website and that were entirely performed by a top artist: the Maserati engine. For the English producer and musician, this musical magic was comparable to his experiences with artists of the calibre of U2 and Björk.

As well as instantly becoming a must have for all Trident enthusiasts, the two tracks will be the main feature of a tour passing through the major cities of the world in 2013. It will be the first of a series of events demonstrating the passion Maserati and Bowers&Wilkins share for excellence in engineering and innovation.

The Seven Note Project will further increase appreciation of the melody of the Maserati motor, with its fabulous emotional score that flows from the heart of the Maserati engine every time it takes its place on its true stage: the road.

I'm working with a car and, even though it's something I've never done before, the challenge for me is the same as ever: to find the music in the artist.

Howie B

"In every project, be it with Björk or Bono, my role as producer is always to bring out the best of the artist I'm working with. Now, I'm working with a car and, even though it's something I've never done before, it's the same challenge for me: to find the music in the artist." - Howie B