The Music of the Journey

Maserati's primary commitment is to create the setting for every journey to become an experience. Knowing that every experience has its own soundtrack, Maserati has involved Bowser & Wilkins in the development of the surround sound system for the new Quattroporte.

Every journey has its own soundtrack. The quality of the chosen method of transport and the sound system is vital. The interior of a Maserati is designed to actually draw on the mood of the driver. The high-spec details for the personalised interiors are selected one by one, just like the notes of a great concerto, and the audio system is carefully designed to meet the standards of perfection required by the Maserati brand.

To achieve this objective, Maserati involved Bowser & Wilkins in the development of the new Quattroporte, making the surround sound an integral part of the vehicle's design, rather than a mere adaptation of a pre-existing system.
The result is fifteen speakers perfectly fitted within the architecture of the interiors and positioned to achieve the best possible sound performance, in perfect harmony with the legendary rumble of the V8 engine.

The sound system in the new Quattroporte has been perfected by the technicians responsible for the most renowned Bowers & Wilkins speakers, namely the 800 Diamond Series used in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
Great care has also been taken over the choice of state-of-the-art materials, since when selecting the raw materials for an excellent speaker system or a luxury car, only the best will do.


The exceptional Bowers & Wilkins premium surround system for Maserati Quattroporte uses Harman's innovative QuantumLogic processing and AuraVox equalisation, which create the best possible acoustic conditions inside a Maserati, wherever you are sitting.

Just as Maserati builds legends, not just cars, Bowers & Wilkins creates soundscapes, not just sound systems. The union between these two manufacturers has successfully created an extraordinary sound for an extraordinary car.