An example of Italian excellence in the heart of Umbria

The village of Solomeo, on the outskirts of Perugia, is an ancient town where artisan tradition, love of culture and respect for the local environment are combined with the finest of ‘made in Italy’ textiles and provide the starting point for an extraordinary story: that of Brunello Cucinelli’s cashmere, the best in the world.

Cashmere is ancient. It evokes excellence, warmth and quality – the same elements typical of a Maserati.
This high grade product is obtained from Kashmir goats, the rearing of which is a natural process developed through a skilled rural craft tradition, passed down for centuries and always retaining respect for the animal that provides this extraordinary fibre and the person who works it. At Maserati, we are well aware of the value of handcraftsmanship, which is why the engines of the new Quattroporte are assembled by hand in Maranello by the best technicians in the world, so every Maserati is unique.

Solomeo village is truly a site of excellence, warmth and quality. Located ten kilometres northwest of Perugia, nestled in a hilly landscape, it developed between the late twelfth century and the first half of the thirteenth century as a rural centre for crafts, and the base for works to reclaim the surrounding plain. Its origins are those of an ancient hard-working community. The town is also home to a fourteenth century castle, and to reach it you need to take the Perugia Bettolle link road and exit at Corciano.

The Duchy of Cashmere. Today, Solomeo Castle is the heart of an industrial company listed on the stock market, and it is here that one of the finest examples of Italian textiles is based: the House of Brunello Cucinelli, specialising in manufacturing items of clothing defined as "absolute luxury".

Famous throughout the world and an ambassador for ‘Made in Italy’ excellence for having invented coloured cashmere, Cucinelli revolutionised a market based on beige and grey tones. The Cucinelli brand now offers collections of clothing and accessories that aspire to total quality. This is another crossover with the Maserati philosophy of constant innovation in search of the absolute.

His collections have been judged the best in the world and the epitome of understatement by trendsetters and the most influential fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Their quality is derived from the manufacturing process and the purity of the fabric, combined with the perfect cut of the garments, which are also made to measure, to create the inimitable Cucinelli style. Finding something that is a perfect fit is always difficult, and only the great brands prepared to customise their creations are able to meet this need. Maserati lets you choose every detail of your vehicle, from the colour to the materials for the interior and even offers customisation of the trim, so that each car bearing the trident symbol is exactly tailored to its owner, just like a wrap-around cashmere sweater.

One evening, though, on my way home, I happened to see the Solomeo hill, with its
evergreen woods, the hamlet, the castle and the Ancient Villa Antinori.
(...) Buying the properties meant I had to convince the owner that I cared for the place
as much as he did, and that those time-worn walls would be restored and looked after with
the love and respect that everything that is part of our history deserves.

Brunello Cucinelli

The Renaissance dream.

The history of the Solomeo Castle is the dream come true of an enlightened man who knows how to do things just the right way, bringing value to the local area with respect for the landscape and man’s work. In true Renaissance spirit, Cucinelli’s company focuses on the dignity of people and the sacredness of work in the best Italian artisan tradition. In addition, it enhances the local region, restoring Solomeo to its ancient splendour. Immersed in a park of cedar, pine and fruit trees, the village now has 400 inhabitants, a castle, where the company is based, houses used as workshops, a piazza and an old farm that has been renovated and transformed into a villa housing the cafeteria, which serves homemade food prepared by the housewives living in the hamlet.

Maserati believes so strongly in respect for tradition and nature that all new Maserati engines have increased performance while reducing emissions and consumption, by 3% for the Granturismo and as much as 9% on the most recent Quattroporte Automatic and Quattroporte Sport GT S models. Aware of the value of the landscape and the Earth’s indispensible resources, Maserati fully endorses this way of running a business by looking to the local area and investing in research into alternative fuels as part of its commitment to protecting the environment.