• The Music of the Journey

    Maserati's primary commitment is to create the setting for every journey to become an experience. Knowing that every experience has its own soundtrack, Maserati has involved Bowser & Wilkins in the development of the surround sound system for the new Quattroporte.

  • An example of Italian excellence in the heart of Umbria

    Solomeo, on the outskirts of Perugia, is an ancient town where artisan tradition, love of culture and respect for the local environment are combined with the finest of ‘made in Italy’ textiles

  • Benvenuto Cellini's Salt Cellar

    This everyday object became a universal symbol of perfection and refinement, giving rise to the Italian school of goldsmithing; it is definitive proof that art is not made to be kept alone in museums, but rather to be used and enjoyed.

  • The engine that sings

    Whether it’s a GranCabrio, GranTurismo or Quattroporte in any of the versions on offer, MC, Sport, S or GT S, whether it’s new or vintage, whatever the model, if it's a Maserati, the engine will sing.

  • The Ideal Glasses for Travelling in a GranCabrio

    Fendi Maserati driving glasses enhance the exclusive Fendi Maserati Travel Kit. They are the fruit of the Whispered Grand Tour: a homage to tradition that looks to the future.