The flavours of Piedmont

With its hills, the sights, the cult of food and the best restaurants, Piedmont is a rugged land of challenging climbs and breath-taking landscapes, steeped in a rich history. It is an ideal place for enjoying the pleasure of driving and then stopping. Find a place to leave the warmth of the car, and replace it with the warm welcome of the elite cuisine that created phenomena such as the University of Gastronomic Sciences and Slow Food, offering some of the finest food in the world.

The Piedmont hills are home to a wealth of well-preserved charms and panoramas. The proverbial industriousness of the area is combined here with the pleasures of the plate. It is also an ideal region to enjoy a drive in a new Maserati Quattroporte, a high-performance sports limousine that retains the classic style of the Trident brand, reinterpreting it in a contemporary language.

The best way to visit this area is to take the A6 Turin - Savona motorway and exit at Bra to begin a hedonistic itinerary on the hunt for delicacies between Alba, Canelli and Nizza Monferrato, the three other capitals of taste in the land of Slow Food.

When in Bra, a visit to the University of Gastronomic Sciences is a must, as is a tour of the centre to buy some superb local cheeses, followed by an excellent meal at Boccondivino in via Mendicità, the landmark restaurant by the founders of the Slow Food movement. To reach the second stage, just follow signs for Alba and take State Road 231.

From here you will start to see the Tuscany of Northern Italy, with magnificent hills and unforgettable views, all of it surrounded by a landscape that seems almost painted, where elegance and precision are a shared value. Those who travel in a Maserati will surely concur with this notion of development that respects and appreciates nature. This is shown by the decision to increase performance while lowering emissions, a goal achieved by the new Maserati engines that will power future models by the House of Trident, starting with the new Quattroporte.

When you reach Alba, you will immediately see that excellent food is the real driving force of this place. There are many shops where you can buy the much-lauded white truffle. If you are not so much interested in buying as you are sampling it, then you must pay a visit to the Ristorante Piazza Duomo by chef Enrico Crippa, recently awarded a Michelin Three Star rating, where truffles and Barolo are at home.

The journey continues on the same state road, heading towards Canelli, an excellent place to stop and buy some typical, handmade 'agnolotti del Plin' ravioli. These small agnolotti are a Piedmont tradition dating back to ancient times, and the locals enjoy them dunked in a bowl of Barbera wine.
Now the only thing missing to conclude the tour and complete the collection of food supplies is wine.

Nizza Monferrato is just over 15 minutes away from Canelli and here you can find the Cantine Scrimaglio, the perfect place to acquire the right wine to accompany truffles, cheese and ‘plin’. An historic company from the world of wine, with its vineyards located in the heart of Monferrato, Scrimaglio is a typical example of tradition combined with innovation, generating success and acclaim.

Like Maserati, Scrimaglio also turned a top-quality local product into a global brand. Visiting the wine seller, which is ISO 14001 certified, you cannot help but notice the emphasis on innovation and the care taken over the quality of the product, issues that lovers of the Trident are very sensitive to.

Scrimaglio wines bearing the Maserati label, which are part of the Fashion Wine line, enshrine this shared vision of quality and research. Classic Method and Barbaresco wines are available in the Premium range, and Barbera, Gavi and Prosecco in the Classic range.