The New Luxury Supermarkets

It's always nice to try out a new place, sample the specialities of the most renowned chef of the moment, or find your table waiting for you at your favourite restaurant. That said, an improvised dinner at home without too much formality is always a pleasure too, but where can you find food that is suitable for palates accustomed to the best restaurants? 

The risk with eating at home is that of having to make do with less than excellent food, or going without fine wine. But this is a thing of the past now that the luxury supermarkets commonly found in international cities have arrived in Italy. Once again, Italian ingenuity has resulted in the reinterpretation of an already-fashionable idea to make it refined and “ecochic”.

The result of this Italian reinterpretation of luxury food is Eataly. The first outlet was established in 2005 on the site of a former industrial plant in Lingotto, Turin, and the most recent opening was on Fifth Avenue in New York.
The concept is simple: to offer rare and high-quality products that are hard to find, or that steer clear of a mass distribution that does not consider the value of the craftsmanship required to create excellence in any given field, whether the food or automotive sector.

Inside, the market-style stalls are loaded up with delicacies that are often produced in limited numbers, upholding the principles of respect for nature and conscious consumption. If you lose yourself among the shelves, you’re sure to find prized wines, fresh shellfish and exquisite meat.
It is also possible to taste the food in the small restaurants dotted all over the historical site of Lingotto and specialising in pasta, meat, fish, soup and more. It is a true Mecca for the palate and can now be found in Asti, Bologna, Genoa, Turin, Milan, Monticello d'Alba, Pinerolo, Rome, Tokyo and New York.

As often happens, this re-definition of luxury supermarkets is becoming a new model. Just as the Maserati 205F reinvented the very concept of the racing car in the 1950’s, Eataly has reinvented the concept of luxury foods, making it clear that it is not the price that defines quality, but vice versa. Quality means relying on production companies that know the importance of the raw materials selected and the amount of time dedicated to the creation of each individual component of a product.
In this way, the 'Made in Italy' culture manages to create a bond between the two apparently distant fields of food and automobiles through their shared passion for excellence.