Slow Living

From food to travelling, it has become a real privilege to be able to spend time doing what you love. The typically European style of slow living is reflected in the care taken over small elements that make the difference between something good and something superb.

Maserati perfectly understands the notion of attention to detail and the pleasure of treating each model as unique in order to provide the finest experiences to those who can recognise and savour them. Typical European culture teaches us to enjoy life moment by moment, as if pulling the petals off a daisy.

According to many thinkers, this ability to make the most of our time is especially typical of Europeans and, above all, Mediterranean societies, headed by Italy in terms of history and tradition. Yet we should not believe that savouring every moment is detrimental. Quite the reverse: for companies like Maserati, it is the raw ingredient that creates excellence.

Every phase in the creation of a vehicle must be analysed before it can be considered worthy of wearing the badge of the Trident. To create the V8 engine in the new Quattroporte, Maserati's designers and engineers used time and space to the full in order to picture every detail. Likewise, the Ferrari technicians who assembled it by hand in Maranello also took their time, demonstrating the same precision and dedication.

Then there are the craftsmen who select the leather, wood and metals offered to future owners to furnish the interior of their Maseratis. Only if they take their time to fully analyse the tactile sensations produced by the stitching or the upholstery can such levels of care and satisfaction be achieved.
Haste is the enemy of excellence, and Maserati has never been seduced by simple, immediate methods.


From the moment you begin to personalise your Maserati, from the choice of the colour of the body and the design of the rims right through to the leather upholstery for the seats and the finish on the pedals, you will re-live the excitement of the minds that designed and created each part. Configuring your own Maserati is an excellent way to learn the art of taking the time necessary for a dream to become a true object of desire.