Lunch in Modena

Modena is a city accustomed to welcoming the very best; it was here that the history of Maserati began and it is here that you will find the greatest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The beating heart of Italian excellence can be found in Modena, and not just in terms of the automobile industry. Well-known also for its culinary tradition, it is one of the Italian cities with the greatest concentration of restaurants selected and awarded stars by the Michelin Guide. The most famous is the Osteria Francescana di Modena run by Chef Massimo Bottura, which is considered to be the best restaurant in Italy and the fifth best in the world.

Modena is a city accustomed to welcoming the very best. It was in this city in Emilia that Alfieri Maserati began racing and then constructing cars, achieving sensational results in both fields. You can be sure that he too loved the many specialities the area has to offer. The former city of the Dukes of Este has an ongoing dispute with Bologna over which is the original home of tortellini, yet the product from Modena that has really transcended borders to achieve global recognition is the Balsamic vinegar, of which Chef Bottura offers a high quality selection at the Osteria Francescana.

"Let's go to Modena with its phenomenal motors" 

Francesco De Gregori

Of course, food is just one of the fields in which Modena excels. Francesco De Gregori sang: "Let's go to Modena with its phenomenal motors" because this tiny plot of Italian land is home to the two most exclusive and successful car manufacturers in history: Maserati and Ferrari.

The two great car manufacturers have collaborated to produce the incredible V8 engines for the new Maserati Quattroporte. The V8 engines have been designed and developed by the House of the Trident, and hand-assembled by the artists of the Prancing Horse in Maranello; the result is sheer perfection.

Modena is also extraordinary for its ability to bring together two brands that have made and continue to make history, ardently pushing the boundaries and striving for technological excellence. This is why Modena is known for its winning and tenacious character, qualities that saw it assume a leading role in the struggle for Italian unity and in the resistance against the many foreign invasions that Italy has been subject to over the centuries, going right back to the times of the Roman Empire.

Firmissimam et splendidissimam

Cicero himself describes its essence in his Philippics, defining it as: Firmissimam et splendidissimam. This definition also applies perfectly to Modena's surroundings, such as the area of Monte Cimone in the Regional Park of the High Apennines, near Sestola, the ideal place for a spin in a Maserati. This superb land has always been destined to achieve excellence in every field.