• Italian Wine, a Rare Privilege

    Italy produces some of the most important wines in the world. Just think of Sassicaia or Barolo, two examples of the many stories of wine that inspire passion in connoisseurs throughout the globe, who are always on the hunt for the most exclusive bottles.

  • Lunch in Modena

    Modena is a city accustomed to welcoming the very best; it was here that the history of Maserati began and it is here that you will find the greatest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants.

  • Slow Living

    From food to travelling, it has become a real privilege to be able to spend time doing what you love.

  • The New Luxury Supermarkets

    It's always nice to try out a new place, sample the specialities of the most renowned chef of the moment, or find your table waiting for you at your favourite restaurant.

  • The flavours of Piedmont

    With its hills, the sights, the cult of food and the best restaurants, Piedmont is a rugged land of challenging climbs and breath-taking landscapes, steeped in a rich history.

  • Islands and pampering

    Discover three luxury hotels with spas ranked among the best in the world in Sicily, Capri and Sardinia. In these exclusive havens, you can relish the moments that slip away in the rush of daily life, treating yourself to a massage surrounded by incredible views, listening to Bach as if an orchestra is playing only for you.