The Northeast Passage Enshrouded in Time

Long disputed between Italy and Austria and a free port since 1719, Trieste combines the best of the cultures that have passed through it while retaining one typically Italian characteristic: the pursuit of beauty and excellence.

There are many captivating routes to be taken along the limestone formations that surround the city. One of the best ways to appreciate the panoramic roads and incomparable views to the fullest is to tour the castles.
Founded by the Romans and beloved by the Hapsburgs, the city of Trieste is home to several exceptionally luxurious residences, some of which are still inhabited. Duino Castle is one of these and also a perfect place to start this extraordinary journey through time and beauty.

The private residence of the Princes of Thurn and Taxis is located in Duino, near Monfalcone. It was opened to the public in 2003, and, in addition to being visited by tourists, it holds exhibitions, banquets as well as art and photography events, in both the elegant halls and the lush gardens. The castle, built in the 14th century, is situated at the start of State Road 14, which runs along the sea to Trieste.


SS14 is the ideal track for driving your Maserati from castle to castle, until reaching the timeless magic of Trieste. 

Beyond Duino Castle, you’ll find the famous Miramare Castle, as you move from the 14th to the 18th century in the space of a few miles. Built by Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Hapsburg, the castle is situated on the tip of the Rignano promontory, jutting out into the sea.

To recover from such a breath-taking view you should not bring the level down; the only place to go after seeing the original Hapsburg furnishings is the driving seat of a Maserati, designed with attention to every detail, completely customisable with a choice of quality materials and high class finishes.

Continuing along the coast we finally arrive in Trieste, which appears majestic and solid as it overlooks the sea, as is befitting of a capital that is central European and Mediterranean at the same time, with a combination of exactitude and brilliance that made it a worthy home for Ungaretti, Joyce, Saba, Svevo...
At this point, the castle of San Giusto is not to be missed, which stands on the hill that has dominated the city since the Romans founded it under the name of Tergeste.

Taking a Maserati to Trieste gives you more than just the pleasure of the journey - it is also a way to bring a work of ingenuity, in terms of time and beauty, to the land that best celebrates them. It is no coincidence that the city's most famous monuments are automata of the town hall clock, with two giants that mark the hour by striking the bell with huge hammers.

To make a Maserati, time is everything. Nothing is left to chance, and following the example of the clock tower giants, the specialised Maserati craftsmen, engineers and technicians work in complete harmony, so that the beauty does not lose its natural rhythm.