The Trident Races Across the Sea

The Italian cities on the sea are beloved throughout the world.
Discover them for yourself by slowly exploring the roads of Tuscany, zooming along the motorways of Veneto, swinging around the hills of Campania, or taking on the challenge of the high Ligurian routes that run alongside a sheer cliff-edge; all of these are unforgettable experiences, especially from inside a Maserati.
These lands were the departure points for the great explorers of history, as part of a tradition that, like all good traditions, never comes to an end but is enriched by experience.

Giovanni Soldini is a perfect example of this long-standing school, and his most recent adventure started from La Spezia, another Italian capital of the sea.
The Milanese yachtsman needs no introduction. After years dedicated to taking on the world's greatest sailors in legendary competitions, such as the Around Alone, Giovanni recently took up a new challenge: to break the speed records for some of the most infamous routes of the Atlantic.

Maserati is the ideal partner for Soldini. Even at sea, the Trident successfully embodies that inimitable combination of performance and innovation that allows champions to go beyond their limits.
Thanks to the collaboration with Maserati, in 2011 Giovanni began an attempt to beat the speed records for sailing the Atlantic, tackling routes such as New York - San Francisco and New York - Lizard Point (Cornwall).

On water as on land, Maserati reaffirms an idea that is clear to those who know of the feats of Fangio and Nuvolari, and those privileged enough to own one of their cars: companies that go down in history are created through passion and innovation. Soldini can rest assured that Maserati will continue to strive for perfection, which, as everybody knows, especially those who go to sea, lies in the detail and in on-going research into unexpected solutions to overcome the most daring obstacles. 

The Atlantic speed record can be broken. We can break it. We have a fabulous boat.

Giovanni Soldini

Before embarking on this new adventure, Giovanni Soldini said: "The Atlantic speed record can be broken. We can break it. We have a fabulous boat."
Given these words, the history of Maserati and the track record of the latest great Italian navigator, an encounter between the two was absolutely inevitable as they both attempt to dispel the unknown, surpassing the limits of the known through their passion for challenge.