• A One-of-a-kind Theatre

    The Verona Arena is becoming the 2013 capital of opera for the anniversaries of Verdi and Wagner. The amphitheatre is unique in the world and offers an acoustic experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins have drawn inspiration from its perfection to create audio systems worthy of the two brands’ history.

  • Trieste

    The Northeast Passage Enshrouded in Time. Trieste is a border town, where tradition and Italian excellence blend with European culture. Its austere, Central European air instils a curiosity in visitors as to what allowed this icy beauty to remain intact in the face of the throes of history.

  • The Trident Races Across the Sea

    Giovanni Soldini is a perfect example of an Italian sailor. His is a tradition so widespread as to have become proverbial for the inhabitants of the peninsula of the Maritime Republics, and Soldini has chosen Maserati for his most recent challenge.

  • Montalbano Region

    Take a journey through the Tuscan hills, off the beaten track. Discover Etruscan archaeology, medieval castles and Medici villas.

  • A tour of the lakes

    Lakes Como, Garda and Maggiore offer three unique experiences, yet it is possible to enjoy them all together. The route from Lecco to Arona is an unforgettable driving and life experience that leads you along the route of the legendary Mille Miglia and the first Grand Prix. An experience not to be missed when visiting these enchanting lakes, whose waters reflect the incomparable peaks of the Alpine range that are so dear to literature and the history of motor racing.

  • Fashion Weekend in Milan

    Does Milan still know how to charm? Here's your perfect itinerary for a luxury weekend in the capital of Haute Couture, taking in the Navigli canals and Via Montenapoleone without being swallowed up by the chaos.