Poltrona Frau Leather


Poltrona Frau: style for Maserati interiors

Poltrona Frau, the famous furniture design company, is the only supplier of leather for use on Maserati vehicles. Maserati’s unique partner unites craftsmanship with the most modern techniques of furniture construction.

There is a special bond between two icons that embody good design, elegance and ‘Made in Italy’ perfection; companies established just two years apart. The first is Maserati, born in 1914; the other, set up in 1912, is Poltrona Frau. Poltrona Frau is a name that symbolises quality and craftsmanship in luxury furnishings.

Poltrona Frau was founded by a talented craftsman, Renzo Frau, with the aim of designing and constructing the most beautiful furniture in the world. Hard work and dedication have transformed this desire into reality. The company is widely recognised as a leader in its field courtesy of legendary products like is 1919 armchair, the 1930 Vanity Fair - the archetype of the modern armchair - and the leather seats chosen to furnish the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the European Parliament in Strasburg.

In 1984, Poltrona Frau produced its first motor car interior and, with its reputation for quality, style and usability, the collaboration with Maserati seemed a natural step. The marque soon became Maserati’s only leather supplier.

Thanks to the traditional methods that it employs, even today, for the selection of hides and the production of supple, warm leather, Poltrona Frau is a bastion of the refined craftsmanship of times gone by; a prestigious partner able to unite age-old knowledge with the most modern production techniques. Each hide undergoes a thorough twenty-phase tanning and treatment process that transforms it into an exclusive ‘Frau leather’ product. The leather is naturally embossed, completely organic, beautiful and hardwearing. It is incredibly welcoming in winter months; practical and cool in the summer.

Towards the end of the production process, the hides are put through an additional traditional tanning procedure to ensure the uniformity of each of the Maserati colours available. They are then impregnated with a special substance that renders the leather permanently supple and elastic. Rather than dry out and become marked over time, Maserati interiors gradually take on a unique patina.