Tipo 8CL - 1940-1946

Maserati 4CL

The technical layout that proved so successful for the 4CL figured in this new car designed to compete in the tough International Formula: four valves per cylinder, square bore/stroke dimensions, and twin compressors feeding the two individual 4-cylinder blocks mounted in line on a common crankcase. The new single-seater had a slightly longer wheel base than the 8CTF it was replacing, and its in-line eight-cylinder engine also delivered a very powerful 415 bhp.

The start of the Second World War brought development of the 8CL to a halt, and by its end, the big displacement engines with compressors were confined to the Formule Libre races which turned out to be of little interest. As a result, production was limited to just two examples. The 8CL's greatest moment came in 1948 when Giuseppe Farina drove it to victory in the Mar del Plata Grand Prix and the Grand Prix des Nations at Geneva.

Technical data

0-60 mph
Bodyworkaluminium-bodied single seater
Bore and stroke78x78 mm
Brakeshydraulic drum brakes on the wheels
Brakes front
Brakes rear
Chassisalloy longitudinal girders and cross members
Compression ratio6.5:1
Cooling systemwater-cooled, centrifugal pump
Displacements (unitary)
Dry weight1,719 lbs (780 kg)
Enginevertical in-line 8
Engine weight
First race1940 Indianapolis 500 Miles
Front Tyres
Front suspensiontorsion bars, friction dampers
Front track
Fuel & lubricant
Fuel feedtwo Roots superchargers, two Memini carburettors mounted ahead of the superchargers
Fuel tank39.59 Imp. gall. (180 litres)
Gear ratios
Height43.30 in. (1,100 mm)
Ignitionsingle-plug, Scintilla magneto
Kerb weight
Length150.79 in. (3,830 mm)
Lubricationdual oil pumps (pressure and scavenge)
Maximum power415-430 bhp at 6,400-6,800 rpm
Maximum torque
One mile
Production dates1940-1946
Production start1940
Quarter mile
Rear Tyres
Rear suspensionleaf springs and friction dampers
Rear track
Steeringworm and sector
Timing gearfour valves per cylinder set in a 90°V, twin overhead camshafts
Top speed174-189 mph (280-305 km/h)
Total displacement3,981.7 cc
Transmission4-speed + reverse
Tyresfr/rear 5.50x19-6.50x19; Pirelli
Weight distribution
Wheelbase109.84 in. (2,790 mm)
Wheelswire wheels, 3.25x19-4.00x19
Width58.27 in. (1,480 mm)